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Tatra T18
Tatra T18
Type: Armoured Train
Owner: Czechoslovakia, Poland
Year: 1925
Length: 3.6 m
Width: 1.7 m
Height: 2.1 m
Weight: 5.2 t
Armour: 8mm
Speed: 50 km/h
Primary Weapon: 7.92 mm
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The Tatra T18 was a Czech armoured draisine built in 1925 for the Polish army. Based on the T14 cargo draisine, it was fitted with an armoured body and a turret equipped with two 7.92mm machine guns. The Polish were unhappy with the design owing to it's weak engine and slow acceleration, changing the engine would however require a complete redesign of the chassis. Nevertheless a further nine unarmoured chassis where ordered in April 1927 with the intention of building the armoured bodies in Poland, but it is unknown if this was accomplished. During the annexation of Czechoslovakia and Poland the Germans captured several T18s, they were then incorporated into the Wehrmacht and used until they were worn out.


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