Cheranovskij BICh-26

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Cheranovskij BICh-26
Cheranovskij BICh-26
Type: Fighter
Owner: Soviet Union
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Cheranovskij originally started work on a tailless jet fighter project in 1944 which lead to the BICh-24, extensive wind tunnel testing was done on several models however development never progressed any further. Research continued & lead to a variable-sweep wing design with an outboard wing pivot in 1948 called the BICh-25, very little other information is know about this aircraft tho. Around the same time Cheranovskij designed the BICh-26 which externally looked very similar to the BICh-24, a tailless delta wing design with a single fin & engine. Several more years where spent refining the design & demonstration models where built, but by then less complex & more readably available design from Mikoyan & Sukhoi where being built & then with the death of Cheranovskij the whole project was cancelled.


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