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v3.8 Beta Progress bar: 10%

D-day v3.7b patch,


A bit over due but here is a patch for v3.7 of D-day, it fixes a major issue with the American AI that stopped them from building anything after the barracks.

The JGNET camouflage net has also been completely removed.

New craters & burns have been added to the desert terrain, removing the messy RA2 ones.

The amount of time it takes for a object to be built has been doubled.

The length of build up animations on buildings has also been increased.

As well as several other small fixes, which you can find in the change log inside the download.

I'm sorry for the delay in releasing this patch, which I actually made at the end of June. To make it up to you all I have some big updates coming soon!

Posted September 30, 2013 by Mig Eater

D-day v3.7 beta release,
It's June 6th, D-day!

This year marks the 69th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, it's also the 11th year that D-day has been in development. But more importantly it's the 1st anniversary of D-day's public release. To celebrate all these anniversaries I'm proud to announce the release of version 3.7 of D-day.


The last year has seen a lot of work done to D-day, many bugs have been fixed, improvements to the game play, updated graphics & over 100 new units!

The main addition to v3.7 is the inclusion of Hungary as a new playable country, with 47 new buildings & units, most of which have never been seen in a WW2 game, or even mod before.

America has also been split into two sub faction, the Army & Marine Corps. Playing as the Army gives you units most commonly seen in the European theater, choosing the Marine Corps though lets you play using units from the Pacific war.

There are also four new maps to play on all of which are based on real life locations:

First is the map of Berlin which has gone through several iterations over the last decade, each one more detailed & accurate then the last. This one being the first to reach a playable state, it is however still a work in progress & is missing a few things, which will be added in the next beta.




Staying in Europe the second map is based on Arnhem which most will know from Operation Market Garden, where British paratroops held the bridge single handily against German forces for over a week!


Next is the first Pacific themed map to be added to D-day, Wake Island. This tiny spot of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was attacked just after the bombing of Pearl Harbour & after two weeks of fighting fell to Japanese forces.


Lastly is D-day's first desert map the Suez Canal. Even though no fighting ever took place around this vital water way it was one of Erwin Rommels main objectives during the North Africa campaign. The British managed to stop him though & then go on to defeat the German forces in Africa.


Unfortunately there are a few things that didnt make it into this beta too:
Naval warfare is still a work in progress & isn't included in this release, several sides are still missing the ships needed for all sides to be balanced.

Superweapons are also still not available, The majority of the code is done but they still require a lot more artwork before they are finished.

The capture point system that I recently posted about isn't complete either, it will take some more time to code all the AI scripts necessary to make them use the cap points efficiently.
Posted June 6, 2013 by Mig Eater

Semper Fi,
The United States Marine Corps are storming onto D-day's beaches to join the American side as a new sub-faction!


To play the new USMC sub-faction, simply start a game as America but after deploying your construction vehicle you'll be given the choice to  play as either the Army or the Marine Corps.  


Picking the Army will give you access to the normal selection of units, which are predominantly from the European theater of WW2. Choosing to play as the Marine Corps however will let you use units from the Pacific theater, such as the LVT-4 transport, the LVT(A)-4 artillery & the LVTAA-X2 anti-air tank. They also use a different selection of aircraft from the army, instead using simpler & more robust planes like the TBD Devastator, F4F Wildcat & F6F Hellcat.     


For more information on the units that the Marine Corps can build please see the unit list, which has been completely redone with a new look.  


Posted May 13, 2013 by Mig Eater

Fast cap!,
Here is the latest edition to D-day, Capture Points! Which work in a similar way to tech buildings but unlike them "cap points" don't require engineers to capture them, instead you just have to garrison them with rifle or anti-tank infantry to gain control.
The buildings themselves are also indestructible! However they use Ares urban combat logic, so if there are any infantry garrisoned inside they will get damaged instead, essentially turning the garrisoned troops into the buildings health. Once the troops inside have been killed the building becomes neutral again & so can then be captured by someone else.

The benefits of this system are that the cap points will last the entire game & are easily captured but also just as easily lost, so expect them to change hands many times during a long battle.



They are, starting top left
Supply: Once captured the supply point will boost your economy, giving you a small amount of credits every few seconds.
Artillery: This cap point gives you access to a small artillery strike superweapon.
Repair: The repair point will slowly fix any damaged tanks that are within it's radius.
Paradrop: The classic paradrop, once captured you can call in a small group of reinforcements to anywhere on the battlefield.
Minedrop: Capturing this point gives you the ability to call in a cargo plane to drop a mine field anywhere on the map.

They should add some more interesting & tactical battles to D-day. The AI will also take full advantage of these buildings, on harder difficulty settings they will also fight to control all of them on the map.
Posted April 19, 2013 by Mig Eater

Taking sides,
With work on Hungary nearing completion my thoughts have wondered to other countries that could possibly be added to D-day. So I've dug through all my reference material to see what could be done & have come up with three possible additions to D-day. I've updated the unit list with info on these three new sides, but I doubt all the names & numbers mean much to most of you so here is a brief description of each of them. Click on the countries name to go directly to their section in the unit list

Posted Image
People have been bugging me about adding China as a playable side for years & my stance has always been that they didn't have any of their own equipment & used a random assortment of units from other countries so they weren't feasible.

Well I decided to turn that from a negative to a positive view & have come up with a multi-branched tech tree that allows the player to pick & chose what countries they can "buy" units from. The unit list is split into three parts (Ground, Air & Heavy) at these points in the tech tree you can choose which countries units you'd like to use. So you could have British ground, German Air & Soviet heavy units, or you could have all three American etc.

I feel this set up best represents the fractal nature of China at the time & how different warlords had different equipment & so in-game different players can have different units. Post-war also benefits from this as depending on what tree you choose you can either play as PRC or the ROC forces in the Chinese civil war.

Some units of note are the Type 59 which will be know to any one who plays World of Tanks :p The P-40 Warhawk which was famously used by the American Flying Tigers. Also ROC F-86 Sabre's where the first aircraft to use homing air-to-air missiles while in combat with PRC Mig-15's.

Posted Image
There has also been some interest in adding Poland in the past & while they produced many of there own armaments there defeat at the beginning of WW2 meant that development stopped. Unlike France who had many prototypes & projects which could be used they don't have enough ground units to fill every time frame. With the idea of a multi-branched tech tree still fresh in my mind I decided to fill the gaps with Allied & Soviet Free Polish ground forces.

So in the Pre/Early-war time frames the units are all of Polish origin, in the Mid/Late-war periods you can either choose to use Allied or Soviet equipped Polish ground forces. However to make things interesting both have advantages & disadvantages.

Better anti-aircraft unit.
Mobile artillery.
Weaker Medium tanks.
No Heavy tanks.

Better Medium tanks.
Can use Heavy tanks.
Weak anti-aircraft unit.
Uses towed artillery that needs to be deployed to use.

In the Post-war period Poland came under the Soviet sphere of influence & built locally produced copies of Soviet equipment, so their ground forces are very similar to the Soviet unit list.

Unlike the ground forces the Polish air industry was quite active before the war designing several prototypes & concepts to fill the Mid/Late-war period. After the war they continued developing & building there own designs, so all of the aircraft are of Polish origin across all time frames.

Some units of note are the 25TP heavy tank project & the TS-11 Iskra which is still in use today!

Posted Image
Sweden the greatest country to never fight in WW2... they have been neutral in all major conflicts for the past 200 years but to call their armed forces weak or insignificant because of this would be extremely wrong.

Even tho they tried to stay out of the conflict as much as possible they still prepared to fight if they had too. Swedish military spending drastically increased during WW2 to keep their military forces on par with other European nations.

Some of their designs did see action tho, the Strv L-60 & L-62 were built in Hungary as the Toldi & Nimrod. Of course they also designed the famous Bofors 40mm which was used by nearly every country during WW2 & is still in use today!

So far no work has been done in D-day on these countries other then these preliminary unit lists. I first wanted to get some community feedback & see if there is any preference to a specific country or even if there is objection to adding a new side, any & all thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
Posted January 13, 2013 by Mig Eater