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Fv301 3d.gif
Type: Light Tank
Owner: Britain
Manufacturer: Vickers
Year: 1947
Length: Unknown
Width: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: 21 t
Armour: 51mm
Speed: Unknown
Primary Weapon: 77mm OQF
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The FV301 was a light tank designed in 1947 as part of the FV300 group of light vehicles. It was the first tank to have the engine mounted on a rail system so with the removal of a few panels the whole thing could be slid out for maintenance with ease. It was also air portable but required the turret to be removed, so a forward base was needed to reassemble it. During its long development the Centurion tank showed that it was more then capable of fulfilling the FV301's role so interest in the protect was lost & it was soon canceled.


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