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Visit the D-day Wiki for a complete database of D-day's units & structures.

D-day Wiki


.:Unit list:.

D-day is split up into five different "time frames" each one representing different periods before, during and after World War II. Below is a list of the units that are available to the Hungary in these time frames. There are many more units that can be randomly discovered among the battlefield or are only available in other game modes though. To see a complete database of D-day's units with detailed information on each please visit the D-day Wiki.

Note: Naval units are still being worked on and are unavailable in the current release (v3.7).

1920 - 1940
1940 - 1942
1942 - 1944
1944 - 1945
1945 - 1960

35M Mannlicher

43M Mannlicher
.:Sub-Machine Gun:.

39M Kiraly

43M Kiraly

Solothurn S-18/100

44M Pancelrem

8cm 36/39M
Ground Vehicles
.:Mobile Construction Vehicle:.

38M Botond
.:Supply Vehicle:.

38M Ford G917T

41M Raba

37M Hansa Lloyd
.:Armoured car:.

39M Csaba

37M Krupp Protze

43M Lehel
.:Medium Tank:.

38M Toldi

40M Turan I

41M Turan II

43M Turan III

44M Tas

37M Protze AA

40M Nimrod

44M Nimrod II
.:Tank Destroyer:.

Toldi Rohamloveg

44M Zrinyi I

Tas rohamloveg

43M Zrinyi II

Turan hufnica

40M 40mm

40M 75mm

44M Buzoganyveto

36M 40mm

38M 80mm

37M 105mm


Manfred Weiss WM-23 "Ezustnyil"

Marton XV-01
.:Ground Attack:.

Junkers Ju-87

Danubian Me-210C

Messerschmitt Me-329
.:Medium Bombers:.

Caproni Ca.135

Varga RMI-1 X/H
.:Heavy Bombers:.

Junkers Ju-86K-2


Arado Ar-234C-2

Junkers Ju-52
.:Landing craft:.

Transport barge


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