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Visit the D-day Wiki for a complete database of D-day's units & structures.

D-day Wiki

D-day is being developed by a single person, who has been slowing working on this large project as a hobby in his spare time for over 16 years. During that time many different people have helped with various parts of D-day development though.

Job openings:

D-day is in need of voice actors that can speak in the native languages of the various nations, if you wish to help bring voice to your countries units. Even if you can't do voice acting I'm also looking for help with unit voice suggestions and translations.

If you are interested in helping please send me a message on our Forum or Discord chat room.

Special thanks to these people for their support:

Allied General: For teh lolz
Andre27: The AI guy
Apollo: Mix master
Athena / Blaat85: My muse
[DK] Phill: Frenemy
Major Gilbear: Voxel guy
Speeder: The MO guy
raminator: Keep rocking
Xeno: You will be remembered

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If you have enjoyed playing D-day consider giving a donation to help further development.

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