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Visit the D-day Wiki for a complete database of D-day's units & structures.

D-day Wiki

The nation of Japan is still in development and is not available in the current release of D-day (v3.7).
They will be included as a fully playable side in the next release of D-day.

During the 1930's Japan launched a campaign of territorial expansion starting in 1931 with the invasion of the Chinese region of Manchuria and then with the Chinese mainland in 1937, this point is considered by many to be the beginning of World War II. Following the defeat of French forces in 1940 by the Germans the Japanese then also invaded the northern part of French Indochina (now Vietnam and Cambodia).

This aggression did not go unnoticed by the international community and Japan was placed under a oil embargo by America and Britain who demanded that Japanese troops withdrawal. With no indigenous source of oil and all oil imports blocked the Japanese only had enough reserves to last 2 years at most. Faced with this plans where made to invade the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesian) to secure a new source of oil, doing so would provoke a military conflict with America so it was also decided to launch a preemptive strike on American forces too.
This attack came on the 7th of December 1941 when three Japanese aircraft carriers launched strikes against the American naval based as Pearl Harbor bring the USA into World War II. On the same day attacks were launched against several other targets in the South Pacific including the Philippines and Hong Kong, with Dutch East Indies being invaded a few weeks later securing the new source of oil.

In the following months Japan launched attacks across Asia and the Pacific conquering the Philippines, Dutch East Indies, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Guam, Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands, Wake Islands and taking half of New Guinea. Japanese forces were poised to expand even further towards India, Australia and even America itself.

In June 1942 the Japanese launched an invasion of the American island of Midway in the North Pacific, American forces had cracked the Japanese communication cyphers though and was waiting in ambush for the Japanese naval force. The battle that ensued is regarded as one of the greatest naval battles in history and the destruction of the Japanese fleet marked a turning point in the Pacific War against the Japanese.
Following their defeat at Midway the Japanese were forced onto the defensive, over the next year they suffered multiple defeats resulting in the loss of the Solomon Islands, the Gilbert Islands and the Marshall Islands. Then with the loss of the island of Saipan in July 1944 the Japanese homeland was now within reach of American's new B-29 bomber.

As the war drew closer to the Japanese home islands preparations were made to resist the expected invasion and huge amounts of weapons where stockpiled for what would be expected to be the most bloody battle in all of human history.

That battle would not come thought because on August 6th the American Airforce dropped the first Atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima completely obliterating it in seconds, then on August 9th a second Atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. Faced with this overwhelming devastation Japan was forced to surrender.
After Japan's defeat the country was occupied by the Americans who disarmed and banned all military forces in the country, only a limited police was allowed to remain.

With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 and the threat of the conflict expanding into a possible third World War. It was felt that the small American occupation force in Japan wouldn't be enough to defend against a possible attack, so it was decided to allow the Japanese to rearm.

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution however disallowed Japan from have any military forces. To get around this law though the newly created armed force was named the Japanese Self Defense Force which was officially established in 1954.



When playing as Japan in the Post-War time frame there are two different sub-factions that you can choose from, Imperial Japan or the Japanese Self Defense Force (aka JSDF).

Choosing Imperial Japan lets you play using prototypes and paper projects designed in the closing stages of the War in a hypothetical continuation of the conflict past 1945.

Choosing the Japanese Self Defense Force lets you play using real life equipment designed during the 1950's and 1960's in a Cold War scenario.

You can choose which sub-faction you wish to play as in-game after your Mobile Construction Vehicle has been deployed into a Construction Yard. There will then be two options available in the sidebar, one for Imperial Japan and one for the JSDF. First click on the one you wish to play as, click on it again once it has finished building and then place it anywhere on the map to activate your choice. Once you have selected a sub-faction it is no longer possible to change it for the rest of the game.

Note: When the AI is playing as Japan it will always default to picking the Imperial Japanese sub-faction.



.:Unit list:.

D-day is split up into five different "time frames" each one representing different periods before, during and after World War II. Below is a list of the units that are available to Japan in these time frames. There are many more units that can be randomly discovered among the battlefield or are only available in other game modes. To see a complete database of D-day's units with detailed information on each please visit the D-day Wiki.

Note: Units with "JSDF" under their name are only available to the Japanese Self Defense Force sub-faction.

Note: Naval units are still being worked on and are unavailable in the current release (v3.7).

1920 - 1940
1940 - 1942
1942 - 1944
1944 - 1945
1945 - 1960

Type 99 Arisaka

Type 4

Howa Type 64
.:Sub-Machine Gun:.

Type 100

Nambu M66

Type 97 20mm

Type 4 70mm

Howa 84RR

Type 97 81mm

L16 81mm
Ground Vehicles
.:Mobile Construction Vehicle:.

Type 4 Chi-So
.:Supply Vehicle:.

Isuzu Type 97

Nissan Type 180

Toyota Su-Ki
.:Armoured car:.

Type 92 Osaka

Toyota J40

Isuzu Type 94

Type 1 Ho-Ha

Type SU 60
.:Medium Tank:.

Type 97 Chi-Ha

Type 97 Chi-Ha "Shinhoto"

Type 3 Chi-Nu

Type 4 Chi-To

Type 5 Chi-Ri

Type 61
.:Amphibious Tanks:.

SR Ro-Go

Type 2 Ka-Mi

Type 3 Ka-Chi

Type 5 To-Ku

Type 94 20mm AA

Type 98 Ta-Se

Type 98 Ta-Se II

M42 Duster
.:Tank Destroyer:.

Type 1 Ho-Ni I

Type 3 Ho-Ni III

Type 5 Ho-Ri

Type 60
.:Close Support:.

Type 2 Ho-I

Type 97 naval 12cm

Type SX 60


Type 4 Ho-Ro

Type 4 Ha-To

Type 67
.:Heavy Tanks:.

Type 95


O-I 120t

Type 4 O-Ro

Type 94 Ko-Go

Type 97 Ka-Ha

Type 97 Shi-Ki

Type 1 47mm

Type 90 75mm

Type 5 105mm

M40 106mm

Type 96 25mm

Type 99 88mm

Type 5 150mm

Bofors 40mm L/70

Type 91 105mm

Type 96 150mm

Type 4 40cm

M1A1 155mm

Nakajima Ki-27

Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa

Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate

Nakajima Ki-100

Kyushu J7W2 Shinden-Kai

F-86 Kyokuko
.:Ground Attack:.

Kawasaki Ki-32

Mitsubishi Ki-51

Kawasaki Ki-102

Mansyu Ki-98

Fuji T-1 Hatsutaka

Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi

Nakajima Kikka
.:Medium Bombers:.

Mitsubishi Ki-21

Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu

Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu

Yokosuka R2Y2 Keiun-Kai

Kawasaki P-2J

Mitsubishi Ki-57

Mitsubishi G4M

Kokusai Ki-105 Otori


MXY7 Ohka
.:Landing craft:.

SS class



Type KD6






Harukaze Class


.:Aircraft Carrier:.




Aichi D3A

Yokosuka D4Y Suisei

Mitsubishi A7M Reppu
.:Social Media:.

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