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Visit the D-day Wiki for a complete database of D-day's units & structures.

D-day Wiki
.:Frequently Asked Questions:.

Q: When I start RunAres.bat I get a black window & then nothing happens.
A: RA2/YR isn't installed & patch to v1.001 correctly.

Q: Where are all the units, I can only build engineers and the MCV!
A: You have files from another mod still in your RA2 folder that is interfering with D-day (usually mpmodesmd.ini), you'll need to move or delete them to play D-day.

Q: How do the American subfactions work, when I click on the icon nothing happens!
A: After picking a subfaction you then need to click on the icon again to select it and then click anywhere on the map to activate the subfaction.

Q: Why are the French buildings grey boxes?
A: D-day is still in development, so some of the graphics are not finished yet, these are used as temporary placeholders until they can be replaced.

Q: There are only 9 maps available, is that correct?
A: D-day has completely new terrain which needs completely new maps. Making them can take quite a long time so the current selection of maps is quite small, more will be added in later releases.

Q: Are you going to add this unit to D-day?
A: I'm always happy to receive suggestions for new units and want to add as many as I can to D-day. However I already have a large amount of units that have priority so it could be a long time before they are added.

If you have any questions regarding D-day please feel free to post on our Forum or Discord chat room.
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